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Admission Procedures

Children above the age of three can seek admission for the Lower Kinder Garden School. (LKG)

Pupils coming from another school will have to produce the Transfer Certificate issued by them. In addition, they will have to undergo a test at the time of admission will be given only for the standard found fit according to our test.

New pupils must be personally by their parent or guardian who will be responsible for their regularity in attendance and payments of fees. The signature of the parent/guardian on the admission form will be sufficient confirmation of his having read the rules and regulations pertaining to the school and agreement to abide by the same.

Every pupil is liable to pay the monthly fees on/or before 10th of every month.

Application for Transfer Certificate should be made in writing to the school authority signed by the parent/guardian. No certificate of any kind will be issued to students who have arrears of fees. Students once admitted the admission and other fees will not be refunded.

Leave of absence:

No pupil should absent himself/herself without prior sanction in writing. Continued absence for 10days without any intimation will be liable for his/her name being struck off from the role. All pupil must be present on the re-opening day of the school after the vacation.

Absence for more than one week due to sickness must be accompanied by a medical certificate. Punctuality and regularity in attendance is a must and any lapse will make the pupil liable for beginning removed from the rolls.

Application for leave must be signed by the parent/guardian on the day when the pupil after availing the leave or on the day when the pupil reports to the school. Candidates seeking admission must write an Entrance Test in Mathematics, English, and Tamil.

The following documents must be produced at the time of admission.
  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Community Certificate
  3. Transfer Certificate from the School last studied
  4. Report of the last School Examination attended
  5. Conduct Certificate

It is our earnest endeavour to give quality education to our students. In these days of competitions, our school will make all efforts to stand unique in imparting knowledge to our students.
Your earnest and unstinted co-operation are solicited.