A Word to Parents

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Parents should check the daily home assignment diary. This will not only enhance the study habit of children but also enable the parents to access whether given assignments are reasonable and sufficient.
Assignment to the student is given with two main objectives:

  1. To provide exercise to increase progress and acquire the skill.
  2. To test and ascertain progress and skill acquired progress reports are issued after each test and examination. You are requested to check them carefully take note of the remark made by the class teachers and bring them with the initials at the space provided.

Parents who seek information or who wish to make suggestions should meet the Principal.
Parents are not allowed to meet the students or teachers during the class hours without the permission of the Principal.
Parents can meet the class teachers with regard to their wards specifically only on Tuesday and Thursday after 02.30PM.
Parents of girls must be strict about their daughter returning home immediately after school hours. If they fail to do so, it should be promptly reported to the Principal.
Change in address of parents must be intimated to the school in writing up without delay failing which the school will not be held responsible for non-receipt of communications.