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Thank you for visiting the Vels Vidhyashram Matriculation Higher Secondary School’s website, we are delighted that you are interested in us. If you are considering this school for your child, we would like to take the opportunity to share with you some of our distinctive characteristics.

Your Child is the center of our universe and we firmly believe that his unique talent is waiting to be discovered. We strive to sharpen your child’s mind, channelize his energy ensuring that his potential is fully realised rather than being just one among the crowd by providing one educator for every 15 students.

The Vels Vidhyashram Matriculation School is a vanguard school in 21st-century education offering Matriculation curriculum coupled with world-class well-researched learning methodology, which adapts to the learning profile of your child. At Vels Vidhyashram, we encourage your child to learn concepts, understand its real-life implementations and grow up making his own discoveries & decisions.

We create a community of teachers, parents, friends and society around students for instilling values; developing life skills and ensuring complete wellness (body, mind & soul) of the student. In this community, we encourage students to compete with self rather than other and build their future on the strong foundation of their own thoughts, creativity, talent and communication.